African Birthdays

My birthday was AMAZING.

I started off my morning cleaning rhino poop, but nobody made me dump wheelbarrows so that was an amazing present in itself. (It’s the little things people)

Then Angelique and I were down with the new rhino Libby trying to put new catheters in to start her fluids again. I had a great day with catheters the day before I hit all the veins and started all the drips, it was amazing and I felt so proud of myself. Then on my birthday I couldn’t hit a vein for crap and her veins were all blown and awful. On one of our breaks I showed Angelique how to do a catheter and then about 30 mintues later after more failed attempts she saw a nice vein and was like give me the catheter i’m going for it. AND SHE DID. AND SHE GOT IT ON HER FIRST TRY….IN A RHINO. It was seriously the highlight of my birthday because we had been trying for an hour and fourty five minutes. After we had it taped in and secured I literally tackled her to the ground and we hug/cried in the dirt with happiness. It was one of the best moments of my life.












DSCN1442 Rhino


Later, I got to shower and straighten my hair for the first time in four weeks (IT WAS AMAZING) and I put on makeup. (They were all pretty shocked that I can actually look like a girl). I may or may not have blown three breakers trying to blowdry my hair…sorry i’m not sorry!They made me an awesome homemade African stew on a huge bonfire and bought me an amazing cake complete with glitter sparkles and everything. They even got me presents, a beautiful rhino necklaces and keychain that were specially made just for me. WHAT?! I cried like 10 times on my birthday it was wonderful!





I also got to talk to Courtni for about 15 minutes which was so amazing, I miss you Womb Mate!

We got a new baby grey duiker on my birthday so I got to name it….Bon qui qui but we call her KiKi for short. (Mom and Courtni I hope you guys are laughing right now at the grey baby duiker named BON QUI QUI) And yes….she will cut you! She actually escaped last night but we found her this morning.

We are also getting a new baby Sable antelope in today, exciting! The other baby rhino was never found, sad day 😦 I transfer to game capture team on Tuesday so who knows when my next update will be! So sad to be leaving care for wild, but excited for new adventures!




That’s all I have for now!


Feeling twenty two,




One thought on “African Birthdays

  1. I miss you so much! I’m so glad you had a fantastic birthday as only you can in AFRICA! So amazing. Think of you often my friend.

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