Watch out for the lions

Just arrived at Game Capture yesterday, it was so sad to leave Care for Wild!

So we get to game capture and they drop me and the other girl off at our cabin for the night and said….oh watch out for the lions and don’t walk alone. HAHA what a welcome.

We woke up at 5:00am and did a mass giraffe capture with a boma (We caught seven) and it’s only 12:41 here. What have you done today? It was pretty exciting.








We have to keep our bags packed at all times because we never know where we’re going next. For example this morning they said pack your bags we’re capturing sable tomorrow. We’re on a never ending adventure….with our overpacked suitcases.

Friday we get to dart and move a BLACK RHINO. Which is a ONCE OF A LIFETIME OPPURTUNITY. I’m so excited I could pee glitter right now. Hopefully will update soon, but we never know where we’re going to be here!

Also…we jump started the game capture helicopter with our car today, talk about one of the sketchiest things of my life. And then they FLEW IT. It was insane.




3 thoughts on “Watch out for the lions

  1. Girlfriend! I’m exhausted just reading it and all the excitement is crazy! You must be on a perpetual high! Miss you so much and thankful you are having an awesome experience. Love you much!

  2. Well, I am so jealous of the amazing journey that you are living but more proud of your accomplishments and love for what you do. Embrace all the wonderful gifts that are placed before you. BTW, What is up with the Honey Badger?!? Cheating on me huh? Honey Badger don’t care!

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