African adventures in Texas




It’s hard to believe that a year ago this week I was on the most life changing experience of my life. My trip to Africa completely changed my life and wrecked what I originally thought my career would look like one day. Since Africa I have completed my first year of veterinary school at Texas A&M, which was the most mentally and physically exhausting year of my entire life. I cried, I laughed, I succeeded and I even experienced failure but most importantly I learned, grew and made friends and memories that will last a lifetime. Although I wouldn’t change anything about this year I would NEVER EVER want to go through first year again. EVER.




So the purpose of writing this blog (ONE YEAR LATER) is to keep everyone in the loop about what I am up to this summer! Especially those of you who follow my blog who aren’t on Social Media! I have accepted a 7-week internship at Fossil Rim Wildlife Park in Glen Rose Texas. I am incredibly excited and thankful for this opportunity to learn more about veterinary wildlife medicine, but more importantly to try and figure out if this is a career I want to pursue. Check out their website and also let me know if you will be planning a visit there while I am here! These past three weeks have been incredible! The work ranges from darting gemsbok to Cape Buffalo, putting foley catheters in Dwarf goats and treating baby Attwater prairie chickens. I have already had a wide variety of experiences here and it’s only week three! I drew blood on a macaw, assisted in necropsies, put an IV catheter in a scimitar horned oryx and watched several amazing procedures done by the veterinary and animal care team here. They keep me so involved, and are absolutely incredible. We also moved all the offices from downstairs to upstairs today, my biceps are going to be HUGE and I have a gnarly bruise from falling UP the stairs, I still continue to impress myself with my inability to have normal coordination. In other hilarious news a skunk decided to spray our intern house in the middle of the night. I thought he was IN my room it was such a strong smell…..and I was sporting a lovely new cologne for the day! My coworkers loved it. Luckily I think he’s gone and hasn’t sprayed in three nights!



 After I leave Fossil Rim I plan on spending time with family and also shadowing a wildlife veterinarian in Fredericksburg Texas. And then…..…. traveling back to South Africa for three weeks to work with a wildlife veterinarian and visit old friends I met on my trip last summer. I would be traveling on standby…so let international airport adventures take two begin?! One of my fondest memories was checking my email in London and realizing my Dad emailed me that there was an earlier flight and that I needed to RUN to the check-in to make it on time. I am proud to report that my Dad got me all the way to Africa on Standby passes.



Thanks for sticking with me and reading my posts!

Officially ¼ a veterinarian,



**Pictures courtesy of Fossil Rim


2 thoughts on “African adventures in Texas

  1. Congrats on finishing your first year, and thanks for your kind comment on my site! I always love discovering new veterinary blogs so I’ll be adding yours to my reading list. Have fun at Fossil Rim!

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