This is Africa

Hello from South Africa!!

I had a very eventful plane ride, got harassed by a drunk guy and got to fill out an incident report. Needless to say it was an interesting flight, thankfully I had two of the nicest people sitting next to me and they looked out for me and made sure the guy didn’t mess
with me the rest of the flight.

It’s been a crazy first week and a half here and I’m just now finding time to write an update! I write this post surrounded by baby animals, so needless to say it’s a rough life 🙂

We’ve done some Nyala, wildebeest and sable the first week. One of the owners dog licked the dart site of one of the Nyala and we had to search in the bush for him. When we found him he was awake but unable to stand, clear effects of the potent drugs he ingested via the blood. He was given the reversal and two minutes later he was back to normal! Haha, makes for a funny story now that it had a happy ending. Not funny at the time looking for him. One of the guys we darted for owned an exotic bird farm, so that was pretty cool to see all his hand raised African Greys and Macaws. My job was to sit on the back of the four wheeler and hold the Nyla’s, prepare blood tubes and ear tags, give all the injections and reverse them in the trailer.

This past weekend I was on the farm helping in the nursery with all the baby animals! They are adorable, which made the lack of sleep a little easier to tolerate. Feeding baby animals at all hours of the night is no easy task, let me tell you! It takes time effort and A LOT OF COFFEE. Makes me have so much respect for people who dedicate their lives to hand raising babies! We get an armed guard to and from night feedings, which is actually nice because I’m reading “Killing for Profit” about the illegal rhino horn trade and let’s just say that book will get your imagination going, haha. The girls and I have also decided that putting the teat on the bottle should be considered an Olympic sport. Never have I felt so ridiculous than being sprayed with milk trying to put those things on !

This week is very very busy, we did Nyala, sable, and buffalo Monday. Tuesday we did rhino and waterbuck and today we did giraffe, rhino as well as immobilized and treated a buffalo that got horned in the eye. We have eland and waterbuck to do tomorrow. I haven’t got to take many pictures because it’s literally just Shaun and I and there’s never time to take photos when you’re busy darting, blindfolding, transporting and giving injections/reversals. I will try to take some this week though!

Just found out next weekend I’m staying in Kruger for two days! So excited!

Hope everyone’s enjoying the last part of summer!

Sunburnt in South Africa,













One thought on “This is Africa

  1. I mean, of course you were harassed on the plane… things like that only (unfortunately) happen to you. I’m glad you are able to roll with it and to seek a way out from the crazy! Love you girl and have fun! My kids all say hi!!!

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